D12: Getting ready for civil massive desodebience

Tomorrow saturday december 12th, a massive desobedient action is taking place in Paris.
Dozens of colectives involved in climate/ecological struggles have planned several actions on the street, defying french the state of emergency to reclaim the last word on climate justice. Thousands of persons will go on the street and will use their right to manifest peacefully.
Here we bring you 3 audios recorded at le Centquatre, a space that has become a place of justice artivist/activist workshops and other activities. Theses audio files will bring you important information about the call, the actions and the medical advices that you should learn before taking part at the D12 red lines protest.

• Red lines action call + presentation:

• Medical advices in case of police repression at a street protest:

• D12 actions briefing: why and how

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Christmas songs for the ZAD at Notre-Dame


Around 150 persons, coordinated by J.E.D.I. for Climate, sang subversive christmas songs for a flashmob supporting the ZAD struggle. ZAD activists defend their land in Nantes against the building plans of an airport, for the last 30 years already.

We could talk with one of the organisers, and we bring you some of the christmas songs performed in front of Notre-Dame cathedral.

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Meat industry: the big omission from the talks on emissions


Meat industry is the second greenhouse gas producer (methane and several others gases worse than CO2 in terms of global warming) and astoundingly it’s not yet in the UN negotiation agenda. Big environmental NGOs also tend to ignore farm animals while opportunistically base many of their campaigns on saving endangered polar bears.

Alexandra Clark, a sustainable food campaigner and member of Humane Society, tells us about their current campaign to push for meat reduction on diets, a key issue that will have to be negotiated at the UN by 2018.

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The Great Clamor for climate justice


The Great Clamor for Climate has been imagined for citizens to express in a resonant and marked way their commitment to fight climate deregulation.

Last saturday, december 5th, this music project performed at the hall of Opéra Bastille, open to public. In the next days you could attend to other concerts in different places in Paris (like Centre Pompidou, Place to B or Mediapark).

Hear La Grande Clameur live concert with the participation of the Samis (last european indigenous peoples) and listen to a interview with Chantal Latour & Jean-Pierre Seyvos (creator of la Grande Clameur)

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Namibia’s drought: Interview with Omagano


Climate change is causing longer and longer droughts in semi-desertic african countries, like Namibia.
Omagano Shooya, member of the Young achievers empowerment proyect, analyses how her country is facing the 3 year long drought and how much they need the UN to agree on stopping climate change before it’s too late for them.


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