Christmas songs for the ZAD at Notre-Dame


Around 150 persons, coordinated by J.E.D.I. for Climate, sang subversive christmas songs for a flashmob supporting the ZAD struggle. ZAD activists defend their land in Nantes against the building plans of an airport, for the last 30 years already.

We could talk with one of the organisers, and we bring you some of the christmas songs performed in front of Notre-Dame cathedral.

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Meat industry: the big omission from the talks on emissions


Meat industry is the second greenhouse gas producer (methane and several others gases worse than CO2 in terms of global warming) and astoundingly it’s not yet in the UN negotiation agenda. Big environmental NGOs also tend to ignore farm animals while opportunistically base many of their campaigns on saving endangered polar bears.

Alexandra Clark, a sustainable food campaigner and member of Humane Society, tells us about their current campaign to push for meat reduction on diets, a key issue that will have to be negotiated at the UN by 2018.

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Action on fossil free culture at the Louvre

This morning we went to the Louvre to participate at the open beautiful action that was going to happen there to expose the fossil fuel lobby which is sponsoring the museum. We tell you what happened there and we also got an audio from people who got arrested inside the Louvre because they made a ritual with oil-simulation in one of its halls to expose corporate power embedded in major cultural stakeholders.

“Dear Louvre, when the company Total sponsors you, you sponsor Total. Don’t sponsor Climate chaos!”

* We thank The New Internationalist for the last bit of the audio, a message from the activists arrested.

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Climate games: Ready to defy the rules of the game?

An invitation to create affinity groups, take the streets of Paris or wherever you are at and defy the rules of the game in order to change it in favor of life. Direct actions, performances and disobedience to demand urgent climate justice in a finite and disrupted planet.

One of the organisers talked to us and explained us more details about this disobedient call for action.

We are not fighting for nature. We are nature defending itself.

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Climate activists stopped at border controls with France

Last Friday we met an activist that had just arrived to Paris and had crossed the Belgian border to enter France. He told us he’d been stopped for three hours and his phone was taking to check what sort of contacts he had and whether he had any link to activism. Luckily he had been warned the day before but three other people in the bus were sent back to their countries with no explanation. We talked to the activist and he explained us in detail what happened and suggests some recommendations to activists arriving to France this week.

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The Great Clamor for climate justice


The Great Clamor for Climate has been imagined for citizens to express in a resonant and marked way their commitment to fight climate deregulation.

Last saturday, december 5th, this music project performed at the hall of Opéra Bastille, open to public. In the next days you could attend to other concerts in different places in Paris (like Centre Pompidou, Place to B or Mediapark).

Hear La Grande Clameur live concert with the participation of the Samis (last european indigenous peoples) and listen to a interview with Chantal Latour & Jean-Pierre Seyvos (creator of la Grande Clameur)

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UN Cantine at La Générale

Last Thursday The Eroles Project organised an immersive performance in which the participants, representing the role of certain nation, company or lobby had to cook together a dinner. Each participant contributed to the dinner with an ingredient and had to play hard on negotiations and navigate through the power relations that immediately emerged.

We witnessed power games, right to vetoe, money influence and environmental disasters that were transforming certain nations to climate refugees. This experimental and successful format allowed to experience the frustration of UN talks and the state of ecological emergency we are facing.

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Interview to Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner at La Gaîté lyrique

Last Tuesday we attended to La Gaîté lyrique to listen to Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner, an amazing poet from the Marshall Islands who powerfully combines arts and climate activism. The organisers of the event run the interview you can hear here and she performed two beautiful and moving poems (“Dear Matafele Peinem” and “Tell them“).

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Namibia’s drought: Interview with Omagano


Climate change is causing longer and longer droughts in semi-desertic african countries, like Namibia.
Omagano Shooya, member of the Young achievers empowerment proyect, analyses how her country is facing the 3 year long drought and how much they need the UN to agree on stopping climate change before it’s too late for them.


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The Leap Manifesto launch in Paris

Yesterday we were privileged to be at the launch of the Leap Manifesto, a proposal for how Canada can boldly strike out on a rapid energy transition based firmly on principles of social and environmental justice and progressive coalition building. The Leap Manifesto proposes that Canada “can transition to a renewable-based economy in way that changes our economy for the better – achieving meaningful justice for First Nations, creating more and better jobs, restoring and expanding our social safety net, building a better food system, and reducing economic, gender and racial inequalities.”

Here we reproduce the beginning of the launch with Naomi Klein and a collective reading of the 14th principles of the Manifesto. Enjoy!

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