Connecting the dots between terrorist attacks and climate change: Indigenous people’s healing ceremony in front of Bataclan

Yesterday morning, before the human chain for climate change took place in Paris, I had the privilege to attend a healing ceremony organized by the indigenous people that came to Paris in the context of COP21.

As impacted frontline communities, indigenous people are quite familiar with tragedy. The mainstream media ignored it but indigenous people organized a beautiful inclusive healing ceremony. Talking from a place of respect and love, they connected the dots between terrorist attacks and climate change and offered prayers, songs and consolation to all the victims.

We gathered in a small park in front of Bataclan, one of the locations in which the terrible attacks took place 2 weeks ago in Paris.

We formed a circle and we got some tobacco in our hand while sage was burning. We were told to close our hand, feel the tobacco and place our hand next to our heart. And the healing ceremony began…

* We are grateful to The New Internationalist to share the audio with us.