D12: Getting ready for civil massive desodebience

Tomorrow saturday december 12th, a massive desobedient action is taking place in Paris.
Dozens of colectives involved in climate/ecological struggles have planned several actions on the street, defying french the state of emergency to reclaim the last word on climate justice. Thousands of persons will go on the street and will use their right to manifest peacefully.
Here we bring you 3 audios recorded at le Centquatre, a space that has become a place of justice artivist/activist workshops and other activities. Theses audio files will bring you important information about the call, the actions and the medical advices that you should learn before taking part at the D12 red lines protest.

• Red lines action call + presentation:

• Medical advices in case of police repression at a street protest:

• D12 actions briefing: why and how

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Human Chain Replaces Global Climate March in Paris

On the eve of the conference’s opening, hundreds of thousands of people were supposed to come out to the streets of Paris (on the 29th) and the world’s major cities (on the 28th and 29th), to march together and affirm loud and clear our demands, from food to employment, energy and poverty eradication.

The extension of the State of Emergency due to the awful attacks in Paris has affected the Global Climate March. This March has been banned in Paris by the French government.

After days of uncertainty about what was going to happen in Paris and acknowledging the vital importance of raising the civil society’s voices for the climate state of emergency that we are also experiencing, now there is a call for making a HUMAN CHAIN. It will take place on the 29th November between 12 and 13 from République to Nation. It will extend throughout the areas in which the attacks in Paris took place and the idea is that this climate change human chain will be also a tribute to the victims.

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Heathrow protesters block entrance tunnel to Terminals 1, 2 and 3

By Damien Gayle. The Guardian. 26-11-2015. Retrieved from here.

Campaign group Plane Stupid parked van across road at 7.40am, and police say protesters removed and road reopened by about 11.10am

Environmental activists caused disruption at Heathrow during rush hour by parking a van across the entrance tunnel to Terminals 1, 2 and 3 and locking themselves to the vehicle so that it could not be moved.

The campaign group Plane Stupid said three of its members parked the van across the tunnel at 7.40am and unfurled a banner quoting David Cameron’s election promise: “No ifs, no buts: no third runway.”

The Metropolitan police said they were called to the scene soon after, and by 8.40am officers had made five arrests for “obstruction-related offences”. The force said the protesters were removed and the road reopened by about 11.10am.

A video posted to Twitter showed a small white van parked across both lanes of the carriageway inside the tunnel, with traffic backed up behind it. Motorists held up by the protest had got out of their vehicles but appeared calm.

On the side of the parked van there was a banner that said “No new runways”. In the video, a protester is lying next to the front left wheel of the vehicle, presumably locked to it.

The demonstration blocked the inbound section of the tunnel. A contraflow system was put in place on the outbound section in an effort to clear the traffic.

Cameron Kaye, a spokesman for Plane Stupid, said the protest was being staged to draw attention to concerns about the impact a third runway could have on the environment.

“Airport expansion would wreck the legally binding Climate Change Act, risking wiping out 55% of species this century and displacing 75 million more people from their homes by 2035,” Kaye said in a statement on the group’s website.

“If aviation growth isn’t reduced, by 2037 aviation alone could emit all of the carbon it’s safe for the UK to emit. The government needs to choose: build new runways or stop climate chaos. It’s that simple.”

A spokesman for Heathrow said passengers planning to travel to the airport by road should set off earlier.

“We can confirm there is a protest taking place in the inbound tunnel which is currently affecting traffic around the central terminal area and Terminals 2 and 3 at Heathrow,” the spokesman said. “Police are now on site but we urge passengers to allow extra time getting to the airport today.”

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Protest in support of the refugees defies the french state of emergency


Chronicle of the protest in support of refugees in Paris, defying the state of emergency and the prohibition of any social mobilization (interviews of protesters in spanish and english).

Crónica sobre la manifestación en apoyo a los refugiados, en pleno recorte de libertades por el estado de emergencia y la prohibición de toda movilización social en las calles de París (entrevistas a manifestantes en español e inglés).


A pesar de la prohibición de manifestaciones y otros derechos de expresión con la excusa del estado de emergencia francés, un millar de personas se han movilizado en la Plaza de la Bastilla de París, en solidaridad con los refugiados.
Contra bombardeos y envíos de tropas en Siria por parte del estado francés, por la libertad de expresión y contra el estado de emergencia.
Todo ocurría con sorprendente calma y son demasiados efectivos policiales a la vista, hasta que parte de las personas movilizadas decidieron cortar el tráfico y emprender la marcha hacia la plaza de la República por una serie de Avenidas concurridas de tráfico y personas.
Fue entonces cuando aparecieron un centenar de antidisturbios con el equipo completo puesto, seguido de decenas de furgones policiales, que flanquearon todo el costado de la manifestación de forma más que intimidatoria.
Intentos de bloquear y dividir a los manifestantes, y el uso de gas pimienta, no han conseguido parar a los ciudadanos determinados, que prosiguieron la manifestación hasta la plaza donde se encuentra el memorial por las víctimas del atentado del pasado viernes 13 de noviembre.

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Crónicas desde la Emergencia

Es martes 18 de noviembre y Anthropocene Radio ha llegado ya a París para empezar a contrainformar desde el terreno por la justicia climática, a poco más de 10 días del inicio de la COP21.

Con la sombra del ataque terrorista del pasado viernes 13, y en pleno estado de emergencia nacional, los cientos de activistas que han llegado ya hasta la capital gala siguen con los preparativos de la apretada agenda activista. Pero el panorama se dibuja muy diferente, incluso amenazante, ante la posibilidad de que se ilegalice todo cuanto han estado organizando. (more…)

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COP 21: movements rally to Paris for climate justice

By Skye Bougsty-Marshall On November 8, 2015. For roarmag.org

The COP 21 summit in Paris is approaching, but while the situation is grim the planned social movement mobilizations offer hope and opportunities.

Photo by Alberto Ñiquén.

We know how it all started — colonialism was the original metabolic rift in our history, which has been profoundly extended and deepened by industrial capitalism. Yet as we enter the 6th mass extinction, there is an ambient sense that there is no alternative to this way of life.

We collectively hallucinate that the present order of things will persist indefinitely, silently abiding the comfort and enslavement this disposition provides, all the while waiting for the apocalypse we are living through to blossom fully.

Many have been waiting for the totalizing revolution that appears as a vanishing point on a receding horizon, a perpetually deferred future. The intersecting ecological and climate crises stand as a refutation of more than a hundred years of left-wing teleology that ‘in the end we will win.’ Instead they reinforce the need for constant molecular struggles to open and expand cracks for resistance and new forms of life to flourish.


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Activists promise largest climate civil disobedience ever at Paris summit

Thousands expected to take part in ‘red line’ blockades of Paris climate summit, after two weeks of colourful protests that have been dubbed ‘the Climate Games’

To read this article in French, click here.

By , The Guardian. 8 October 2015. Retrieved from here

Thousands of climate change campaigners have promised to blockade a major UN climate summit in Paris with what they say will be non-violent direct action on a scale Europe has not seen before.


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