Climate activists stopped at border controls with France

Last Friday we met an activist that had just arrived to Paris and had crossed the Belgian border to enter France. He told us he’d been stopped for three hours and his phone was taking to check what sort of contacts he had and whether he had any link to activism. Luckily he had been warned the day before but three other people in the bus were sent back to their countries with no explanation. We talked to the activist and he explained us in detail what happened and suggests some recommendations to activists arriving to France this week.

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Chronicle of an announced police repression

[Audio in spanish]

Audio chronicle about the French police repression during the protests for climate justice on 29th November in Paris. Contrasting with massive public events such as Christmas markets or sport events that have been able to continue, the Global Climate March had been banned due to the extension of the state of emergency. A human chain took place for an hour between La République and Nation instead of the March, before the events narrated in this post.

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Police raid at l’Annexe: climate activists under repression

Last Friday 27th of November at 8 in the morning, police raided L’annexe, an artivist space in Paris. They were looking for terrorist and explosive materials in what became a shameful attempt to criminalise the climate justice movement only few days before the beginning of COP21.

Some of the Radio Anthropocene team were sleeping in this place as well as dozens of activists from all over the world who have been generously hosted a l’Annexe. We talked to some people who experienced the raid.

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Crónicas desde la Emergencia

Es martes 18 de noviembre y Anthropocene Radio ha llegado ya a París para empezar a contrainformar desde el terreno por la justicia climática, a poco más de 10 días del inicio de la COP21.

Con la sombra del ataque terrorista del pasado viernes 13, y en pleno estado de emergencia nacional, los cientos de activistas que han llegado ya hasta la capital gala siguen con los preparativos de la apretada agenda activista. Pero el panorama se dibuja muy diferente, incluso amenazante, ante la posibilidad de que se ilegalice todo cuanto han estado organizando. (more…)

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‘This Changes Everything’: What the Paris attacks mean for the climate protests

By Claire Fauset, on November 17, 2015, for New Internationalist blog.

Key organizers are pushing for the climate marches and protests to go ahead in Paris despite threats of a government clampdown (see last night’s press statements by and Climate Coalition 21). Claire Fauset, one of many climate justice activists planning to attend the talks, explains why it’s more important than ever to take action in Paris.

This changes everything. The title of Naomi Klein’s book on the urgency of the fight to stop capitalism destroying our planet was the phrase that immediately came to mind as the horror of the Paris terror attacks settled on my brain last Friday night. I was with friends recording poems and snippets for a radio project during the climate summit, and all our thoughts were already in Paris. (more…)

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